Thank you Teams! And everyone else involved!

The tenth annual SocctoberFest tournament wrapped up on Oct 31st with 164 teams playing over the Girls’ and Boys’ weekends.

While Mother Nature had other plans for 58 Sunday games on Girls’ weekend, we still managed to squeeze in 249 games overall.

There are many folks we need to thank and this list is by no means complete.

  • All the clubs and teams that supported us, including those who tried but were turned away at the last minute once our fields were full.
  • The Nebraska State Youth Referee Administrator (and our tournament referee assignor) Dave Glatte for all his hard work making sure 99% of our game slots were filled with referees. This was Dave’s last tournament as an assignor in Nebraska, and he finished on a high note!
  • All the referees who came out and got in a few more games at the end of the season, putting up with Mother Nature on top of the usual mild criticisms during games.
  • Our sponsors, Union Omaha, Sarpy County Tourism, Ken Summerfield & American Family Insurance, Makovicka PT, Puma, Amaze Awards, Raka, and all the local businesses who contribute to area events through the Tourism Bureau.
  • Our staff and club members who unselfishly took yet another weekend out of their lives to devote to youth soccer!

Thank you all and hope to see everyone back next year!