Step 1

Please click here to go to the Registration tab at the upper right to register as a coach. Create a new account or login using your existing account.

You will need to do this once each seasonal year (usually starting over around July 1st).

Step 2

When that’s complete, go back to and complete the background check and the SafeSport training.

The background check is a few questions and at the end you will have to enter your Social Security Number to finish it.

There may be what looks like a payment page but the cost is $0.00 so please click through that.

It takes a few days for the results to come back and you cannot get a coach’s pass from the state until it is cleared. USE THE SAME EMAIL AS YOUR NSS ACCOUNT ABOVE and the results will sync up automatically.

For SafeSport, the initial training is about 90 minutes if this is your first time. It is in three sections, each of which will offer you a certificate of completion. But there is another certificate when all 3 are done — that is what you need to save and send to David Clements.

Once you have completed the initial training, the annual refresher is much shorter, and again you need to send us a copy of that certificate when finished.

There is no charge for SafeSport but when you first log in you will need to enter this code:


Step 3

Concussion Awareness. All coaches and staff members need to complete the online concussion awareness course or its annual refresher and send us the certificate. This is a state law requirement. The URL for the course is:

Please send us the certificate of completion.

You are now street legal!

Optional next steps to improve and progress as a coach and get the most out of your experience:

Coaching Licenses / Online Education:

Also via the state and the US Youth Soccer websites there are several “grassroots” courses available. If you wish to take those, there may be a slight charge ($25 range) that we will reimburse upon completion. The initial course is free and can be found here:

If you want higher level coaching licenses or courses, coordinate with the Director of Coaching, Daniel Vasquez Gutierrez. We are happy to reimburse but if they get more expensive we might want an agreement in place to continue coaching with us for a period of time in exchange for funding the course.

Coaching Gear:

We get an allotment from Puma for annual coaching gear. Actual supplies may vary from year to year but send the Administrator your sizing information and we’ll get you as many freebies as we can.

Team Equipment:

For practices, games, etc. We usually have enough supplies in the club shed at La Vista for all practice and training needs. But if you have other suggestions please speak up.

Player Payments:

Coaches are not responsible for collecting money from parents for club fees. If a team decides to do other activities that require extra collections, those should be done by a parent or coach on a team by team basis