There are several coaching license routes to take. We concentrate on the US Soccer Federation pathway but are not opposed to coaches getting training and licensing elsewhere.

Continual improvement of our coaches can only help our players develop, our coaches get better by pushing themselves and each other, and it helps
the club reputation too.

The online part of the courses may be found via the link below. Wolves will reimburse for any courses passed.

For the more expensive in-person courses we may ask for a commitment to Wolves for the following year in return for such reimbursement, and expect a pro-rated amount returned to the club should you voluntarily leave Wolves before the time is up.

US Soccer – Coaching Pathway

For a club of Wolves’ size and expectations, a USSF “C” license is usually the most you would ever need, and a “D” license is more than sufficient for all but the top travel teams.

Once teams reach the Select / Tryout age, the higher level tournaments and regional leagues may require at least one coach on the roster to have a certain licensing level.

Should you have aspirations of coaching at the high school or small college level in the future, you may wish to pursue licenses beyond the USSF “C” course.

In person courses may be booked locally or regionally depending on demand. It might even be possible for Wolves to host a USSF “D” session if we had sufficient interest and could all agree on a time.