In This Issue of Wolfpack Tracks…

  • More introductory bios for new Wolves coaches!
  • Wolves Junior Academy is underway, with 98 new players!
  • Buy your club spirit wear by APRIL 10th!
  • Buy your tickets to our group outing to see Union Omaha at Werner Park by April 17th!
  • Don’t forget to check out BrownBoyT’s collection too!

Coach Kyle

Coach Foli

Welcome New Coaches!

Among the new coaches we have hired over the Winter and Spring are Foli Amaizo and Kyle Miles. Please click through to view their bios and as always, welcome them to the Pack. Wolves are glad to have them on board as their commitment to the children and to soccer in general is obvious at every session!

Look for more coaches’ biographies in the next issue of the Tracks!


Junior Academy Update

Wolves Junior Academy, which manages the La Vista Academy and League programs for the La Vista Recreation Department, got underway this week. It was a fun, if slightly chilly, start for the 98 players signed up this Spring. We look forward to many of these cubs becoming full members of the Pack next season!

Club Spirit Wear

Buy your Wolves Spirit Wear now! The online shop for getting your club spirit wear is now open. Support the club and look great doing it!  Note that the store CLOSES ON APRIL 10th. All orders will be processed and shipped after that. We anticipate opening the store up again around Spring Cup tournament time as we add new players for the Summer and Fall, depending on demand.

Wolves night at Union Omaha

Another reminder about our group outing at Werner Park on Saturday, April 23rd. Get your tickets here and Howl for the Owls! Game time is 6:00 p.m.

All tickets are $17.00 and include a group “picture on the pitch” beforehand, and Union Omaha player card handouts for our players.



Announcing the new BrownBoyT’s collection!

For anyone looking for active wear not Wolves themed, please consider supporting BrownBoyT’s, designed by Wolves SC’s own Nsoni M.!! Visit their Website, or check them out on YouTube!

Working diligently, my creative vision came to fruition and the first (3) BBT’s were created and the birth of BrownBoyT’s LLC was established, (5.25.2019). In 2019 my Sun Nsoni Jamel Mpulamasaka turned 6 and I (Mommy) gifted him, his own T-shirt business for his birthday. It’s a honor to have such an Inspiring Sun, he’s my daily reminder of how incredible and strong little Brown Boy’s are. Nsoni is my loving little Nerd, with a Love of; knowledge, math, science, an avid reader and loves playing soccer. Along with having such a unique outgoing spirit, loving soul and amazing wittiness about him, I’m definitely proud that I was chosen to be his Mommy. However, during (Kindergarten) Nsoni unfortunately was often bullied during school. Which resulted in his personality altering, affecting his academics and behavior. I reflected immensely during this transition, especially as a Mother Parenting a Brown Boy alone. I asked myself daily (what could I do) how can I change the narrative? I would of course, discipline and then remind him of the seeds I’ve planted in him as a Prince since he was born. It’s vital too consistently Encourage and Empower our Brown Boys with (Tough LOVE). It’s our responsibility to remind them every opportunity who they truly are, to allow those seeds to continue to manifest within them. This is the back story which inspired the Birth of Nsoni’s Clothing Collection BrownBoyT’s. We are now three years in and will continue with purpose, by planting seeds in our Brown Boys! BrownBoyT’s is more than a T-shirt….It’s who we are!!

💫The new BrownBoyT’s Sports Collection!!

There’s nothing worse than a sunburn or bruises ruining a day outside or preparing for the Big game day. But, that’s where our BBT’s Sports Collection comes into play with the smooth long-sleeved rash guard and stylish fitted athletic pants. They are slim-fitted, a bit longer than a casual tee, and sports pants tailor-made to protect from the sun and wind during an active day outdoors. Get your work out on, Prince & King!

Sports Collection Motivational Reminders on Merch!

BrownBoyT’s Receipe.
(Youth, Boy’s & Men sizes).
(Front) “It’s Not only Football
(Back) It’s a Brotherhood”
(Youth, Boy’s & Men sizes).
(Front) “When in Doubt
(Back) Dribble”
(Youth sizes)
(Front) “My Blood, My sweat
(Back) Your Tears”
(Boy’s sizes)
(Front) “Hustle & Heart
(Back) Set us Apart”
(Men sizes)