Metro Omaha Wolves is an Omaha soccer club that serves players and parents in Omaha, La Vista, Bellevue, Papillion and surrounding communities in Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit based in Nebraska, with an affiliation with the English Premier League’s Wolverhampton Wanderers. We offer something for everyone:

– In-house Junior Academy for ages 4-7
– Developmental team soccer for ages 7-10 in local recreational leagues
– Select / Travel soccer for 10 years old and older that prepares players interested in playing in high school and beyond

Our teams play in Fall and Spring leagues, attend local and regional tournaments, and participate in winter training or leagues as appropriate. The La Vista Sports Complex is our primary location for practices, home games, and tournament hosting.

We host our annual SocctoberFest tournament at the end of each October, and our Spring Recreational Cup tournament in early June.

Metro Wolves’ philosophy also embraces the athletes with multiple activities in their lives. While we expect Select level players to take soccer seriously, we do not discourage multi-sport athletes or expect you to drop other activities (band, dance, DECA, etc.) just to play soccer with Wolves. We offer multiple open training sessions each week to accommodate players with scheduling conflicts. Use of the Wolverhampton Academy Technical Guide will ensure that players are receiving the same training in “makeup” or alternate training sessions if they have a conflict with their team’s practices.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, sponsorships and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Club, team and or tournament sponsor opportunities are available, inquiries are welcome! Proceeds benefit our Financial Aid fund, and the tournament also offers fundraising opportunities for parents and players to earn money helping out with tournament operations.

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club, through our affiliation with the Wolverhampton North American Academy, is dedicated to using the training philosophy of the Wolverhampton Wanderers professional club in the U.K. All coaches have access to their Academy Technical Guide, ensuring a consistent approach to soccer training at all ages. Wolverhampton has been at this for over a century, and we are grateful to have them share their expertise in these matters and allow us the luxury of not reinventing the wheel.

This does not mean coaches must rigidly adhere to a specific training regimen. All coaches will have access to a variety of training exercises from which they may choose what best fits their team, within the general framework of what is age appropriate. All Metro Wolves players will be exposed to the same training approaches no matter what team they are on, leading to consistent development, and easier movement between teams and age levels.

All players and their families will know what their expectations are and how their current training applies in both the short and long term – getting you ready for Select level soccer, getting you ready for High School soccer, or getting you prepared for college level play.

Our goal at Metro Wolves is to be the place to develop and play soccer if you are interested in playing in High School or at colleges in the region. We have and continue to develop relationships with many small colleges in Nebraska and neighboring states, and will regularly host their coaches for visits and clinics.

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club is a registered Trade Name of Phoenix Futbol Club, inc. Phoenix / Metro Wolves have been serving the youth soccer community in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa since 2003.


We pride ourselves on being the lowest cost developmental soccer program in the area. You can pay less for a fully recreational experience, and you can pay more (a lot more) for other developmental programs.

However, when comparing apples to apples, we easily deliver the most value for your time and money, paws down! (Scroll down to see the comparison chart.)

How do we do it?

We host two tournaments each year, the Spring Cup in June and SocctoberFest, now on separate weekends in October for boys and girls teams. The proceeds from these tournaments help pay for all club overhead and subsidize other training opportunities.

Thus when you sign up with a Wolves team, you are only paying for the costs your team incurs, you’re not paying extra to pay anyone’s salaries or other expenses. Our tournaments also offer parents a chance to work to help pay off their accounts or just earn extra money – we don’t rely on the same volunteers over and over again. Those who put the time in get the benefits of their work.

What Commitment am I making when I join Wolves?

Soccer is a yearly commitment with Wolves – Fall outdoor, Winter indoor, and Spring outdoor seasons roughly following the school year.

For younger players, we are looking for enthusiastic athletes who want to learn soccer. No prior soccer skill is expected or required.

Teams generally practice once or twice a week depending on age, and have 6-8 games per Fall and Spring season. We expect players to come to as many games and practices as they can, though we realize conflicts do occur.

In the winter, we usually practice once a week indoors to keep active, though if players are in other winter sports those take precedence. Summer practices are often on an ad hoc basis, we realize folks have vacation plans and you won’t have to plan around us for those.

Entry Prices

Our prices are very competitive – not the cheapest perhaps, but the best bang for your buck. Payments may be split up if necessary. Financial aid, in the form of 25-50% off, may be available to families who qualify for the Nebraska Free and Reduced Lunch program.

Participation in one Fall and one Spring* Wolves tournament is free to all Wolves teams.
* – High School age teams do not play club soccer in the Spring.

The Fine Print – Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Nebraska. We welcome donations and sponsors to help keep everyone’s costs down. Club, team, and tournament sponsorships and advertising opportunities are available, and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Wolves Junior Academy Program

This program is for 6 & 7 year old girls and boys. Younger ones may join if their parents consider them able to keep up with the older ones but we don’t always have enough players present to separate the younger ones out into their own session. All sessions are at the La Vista Sports Complex in the Fall and Spring. Our Winter session locations may vary.

Parents are encouraged to participate in any capacity they wish! Playing soccer with your kids is FUN even if you never played the game yourself. Try it!

This program runs in three separate sessions, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Players who age out, or who are ready to “move up” are encouraged to join a Developmental Team, which will play in a local league.

Wolves Developmental Teams

This is for boys and girls who are ages 7 to 9. The training focuses on individual skills and team tactics, and you train with your team and dedicated coach. Multiple teams in the same age group may train together to allow better numbers for team tactics.

These teams will play in a local league, and will participate (at no additional cost) in the annual Wolves Tournaments (Spring Cup in June, SocctoberFest in October).

This is a year-round program. Registration in the late Summer covers all Fall and Spring activities. Some group training will occur in the Winter. Participation in any Winter league play is optional and additional fees may be collected if a team decides to play.

Wolves Select Teams

Evaluations for adding players to our Spring 2021 Wolves Select Teams start in March! ⚽🐺 Players not currently signed up with other clubs who are looking for a team for the Spring should contact us!

Metro Wolves Soccer Club Affiliate Team Options

Already have a team and looking for a place to play? We can help!

Wolves Soccer Club welcomes teams needing affiliation to play in leagues or tournaments to join us as Affiliate Teams. Wolves Affiliate status is meant as a way to keep your team together, keep your costs down, and give you the benefits of a US Soccer Federation sanctioning for leagues and tournaments without fully joining a Club or going through the tryout process.

For example, say you have coached the same group of kids for several years through the YMCA soccer program. The kids have evolved and are beating everyone in the league, and need a step up in competition.

Most soccer clubs will break up the team and re-assign your players to their pre-existing teams. We will NOT do that.

You can bring your entire team and coaching staff to our club and become and affiliate team. You get all of the benefits of being in a club, and the kids stay together.

Affiliate status costs $20 per player and $30 per coach or other rostered team role (assistant coaches, team managers, etc.) This covers official player passes, rosters, background checks and liability insurance for the seasonal soccer year.

All rostered coaches or managers are required to pass background checks and complete other screenings mandated by USSF and/or the state soccer association. These are offered at no charge but must be completed before a roster can be issued.

You may purchase Wolves uniforms through us at Club prices (see our website), or you use any existing ones you have as long as they conform to league or tournament standards. We will provide copies of the logo or patches if you do wish to include them on your uniform.

You may have any team name you wish. Player passes and rosters will identify you as a Wolves SC team but you need not follow Wolves SC team naming guidelines or include Wolves in your team name.

Your coach or team manager will be responsible for registering and paying for all leagues, tournaments or events you wish to participate in. Wolves SC will assist in the registration process if requested. Wolves SC Fees for additional services are:

Practice Field Rental: 20/hour

Clubhouse use for team meetings: $25/hour

Replacement Player / Coach Passes: $3 each

Replacement Roster: Free (via email)

Uniforms, Warmup gear, other equipment – at Club prices.

Participation in Wolves tournaments – 25% off list prices for your age group.
Thank you for your interest in Wolves Soccer!



Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club is proud to be affiliated with the Wolverhampton Wanderers of the English Premier League.

Our affiliation, the first of its type in Nebraska, allows us full access to the Wolverhampton Academy training manuals and other resources so we are able to offer a consistent developmental program for players of all ages.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club commonly known as Wolves, is a professional association football club based in the city of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, England.

Formed as St. Luke’s F.C. in 1877, the club has played at Molineux Stadium since 1889 and has been competing in the Premier League, the top division of English football, since winning promotion in 2018. The 2020–21 season is the club’s 66th season in total at the highest level.

Each summer, Wolves SC hosts an Elite ID Camp run by Wolverhampton coaches. This gives our players a chance to learn from the best in the business.

Separate coaching clinics run in parallel with the Elite ID Camp offer our staff great opportunities for further professional development.

Metro Omaha Wolves players who excel during the Elite ID Camp are invited to the Wolverhampton’s National Camp each year, to train with the best players from across North America. Wolverhampton and GIS also offer a variety of other training camps that our members often take advantage of to become the best players possible.

Our affiliation to the Wolverhampton Wanderers allows Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club to set itself apart by offering a proven, consistent program of youth soccer development and coaching education unmatched in the surrounding club soccer community.