Fall Team Lists!

Good afternoon,

Attached you will find the team lists for the the La Vista League and Academy Spring programs. We believe we have accounted for all special placement requests (play with friends, siblings, or for specific parent coaches).

There were a couple of play with friend requests that were for friends who have not signed up, so get on the phone and get them to register now! You are our best recruiters!

The general format for each day will be:

  • Start out with everyone warming up in one group. If you arrive late, just join in with minimal disruption please. This will involve stretching, simple foot skill drills, and / or running. Usually this will be on Field #5 or #6
  • On Tuesdays, we will then split into teams for further drills. There may be several stations set up running different drills, and we will rotate between them every 10-15 minutes or so. Stations may be on different fields, all in the same general area.
  • On Saturdays, after warmups we will split into team groups for scrimmages. Field assignments will generally be on fields 5 and 6 also. Depending on attendance (which will drop as parental schedules related to Husker games come into play, we know…) players may just fill in on other teams to even things out.
  • Teams without a parent coach may be mixed in to other groups depending on staff availability. Many Wolves trainers and coaches will have other game commitments with their older teams, so Saturday mornings you will see a rotating roster of our trainers. All parents are welcome and encouraged to help out whenever possible.

Thanks for letting us work with your children this Season, and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Wolves Soccer Club

4-5 team list for web Fall 2022

6-7 team list for web Fall 2022