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LV Academy warming up!

Wolves Soccer Start

Wolves offers in-house training for younger players through our Soccer Start program. This can be a “try before you buy” opportunity for families interested in joining Academy or Developmental Wolves Teams, or it can just be an introduction to soccer for those without the time available to commit to a more formal team.

There are four seasons to the Soccer Start. The Seasonal Soccer Year roughly parallels the school year (July to June) so our Spring and Summer efforts are focused on getting players ready to join Wolves teams for the Fall season, with Fall and Winter sessions hoping to get players ready to move up to Spring teams.

Joining Wolves: Starting at the Under-7 age level, Wolves forms teams to play in local leagues and tournaments. From Under-7 through Under-10 all teams are open enrollment – no tryouts or cuts. Anyone in an in-house program may take the next step up to joining a Wolves team at any time. As long as we have space on a roster, it is first-come, first-served. We do follow all US Soccer Federation guidelines on maximum roster sizes to avoid situations where lots of kids are signed up for profit but no one gets much playing time. So if rosters are full we may turn away players in certain age groups until teams are reset for the following season.

Register HERE for Soccer Start, when available, or click the Join Wolves button anywhere on the website which will show you registration information for all available programs for your child’s age. All sessions are expected to be 1 hour long on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Spring 2024 Soccer Start Dates

  • April 4th to May 25th.

Summer 2024 Soccer Start Dates

  • June 6 to July 13, skipping July 4th.

Fall 2024 Soccer Start Dates

  • TBD – expect to start in mid to late August and run for 8 weeks.

All sessions are at the La Vista Sports Complex, 7347 S. 66t St. unless there are field closures or a rainout makeup is needed elsewhere

La Vista League and Academy

LV League Skills Training

LV 6-7 year old League Skills Training

In the Fall and Spring, we manage the League (for 6-7 year olds) and Academy (for 4-5 year olds) programs set up by the La Vista Recreation Department – you register directly through La Vista but attend sessions run by Wolves trainers (and parent assistants). The age ranges here are similar to Soccer Start, 4-7 years old. League and Academy typically meet on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, 10 sessions over a 5-week period. Older players here overlap in age with younger Wolves teams that play in local leagues and tournaments. Moving up to a Wolves team is always an option, though moving up to Soccer Start is an intermediate step. Our teams in the “Under-10” and younger age groups are all open enrollment – no tryouts or cuts.

Wolves Winter Programs

Winter Academy

Wolves Winter Academy

Our Soccer Start Winter program meets twice weekly from mid-November through early March (skipping the holidays) to keep foot skills fresh and serve as a precursor to joining Spring teams. These sessions are held at various indoor facilities in the area. Occasionally we partner with other clubs in the area to have informal scrimmages, and Winter Academy players are invited to participate on a “who’s available” basis.

Winter Academy usually runs in three separate 5-week sessions, to allow people to register for what fits in their schedules. Term 1 runs from Mid-Nov to Mid-December, Term 2 runs from early January to early February, and term 3 runs from mid-February to early March. Players may sign up for any combination of them.

Register HERE for Wolves Winter Academy, or click the Join Wolves button anywhere on the website which will show you registration information for all available programs for your child’s age.

2023-24 Dates are below. $125/session, multi term and sibling discounts are available. 2024-25 dates will be similar.

  • Term 1: Thursdays and Saturdays from Nov 16 to Dec 16.
  • Term 2: Thursdays and Saturdays from Jan 4 to Feb 3
  • Term 3: Thursdays and Saturdays from Feb 8 to Mar 9

Browse our Soccer Start blog posts for anything you might have missed!

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