Dave has been with Wolves since 2007 as a parent, board member, or club official. He is the “Grey Wolf” in every sense lol!

  • Parent to 3 former PFC / Wolves players
  • Referee (now retired) for 14 years
  • Wolves Tournament Director & Scheduler since 2015
  • Board member of the Sarpy County Soccer Association for 4 years

How did you get into soccer?

5th grade, when my father went back in graduate school there were several foreign students in our apartment complex who tried to teach us Yanks a bit about soccer. Didn’t do much with those skills after high school, until my kids got back into the sport later.

What do you like about the Wolves?

As youth soccer and youth sports in general keep getting to be more and more about the money, Wolves is filling a niche for those who want to enjoy the sport while developing better skills, without an excessive commitment of time, money, and traveling.

Who is your favorite soccer player of all-time?

Tim Howard

What is your favorite thing about soccer?

Seeing the teamwork involved in truly good plays and games.

How many consecutive juggles can you do?

10 on a good day, if you round up.

What is your favorite part of working with kids?

When I refereed younger games and the kids were still honest enough to admit their fouls. No flops, no protests, just everyone trying their best and having fun.