Coach Ashley Mathiesen is an Omaha Police Officer when not busy transporting Wolves player Kingston to soccer, school, and a few other activities in their lives! She and Kingston joined Wolves over the Winter 2021-22 session.

How did you get into soccer?

I got into soccer when I was approximately 5 years old. I was always playing soccer with the neighborhood boys in the empty lot across the street from my house. We would play until the street lights came on. I was extremely competitive since I was playing with much older kids. My mom saw my passion for soccer and signed me up to play with my best friend. Been playing ever since.

What do you like about the Wolves?

I like the structure and how organized everyone is at the club.

Who is your favorite soccer player of all-time?

Mia Hamm! She’s the reason why I rock the number 9 jersey to this day!

How many consecutive juggles can you do?

Oh gosh, I must be getting old because I can’t remember. I’ll have to go out and practice, as it has been some time since I have juggled!

What is your favorite thing about soccer?

How free and alive it makes me feel out on the field!

What is your favorite part of working with kids?

Watching them grow and develop. The other week I was practicing with my stepson, Kingston, and I was amazed to see how much he has learned in the past month. [ed. note: since joining Wolves!!!] He was applying what he learned at practices and it made me smile. He was growing as an athlete and developing into a soccer player.

There’s nothing greater than seeing a kid amaze themselves on the field because they finally conquered a move or trick in soccer. Seeing them happy, excited, and eager to learn more is the greatest.