How did you get into soccer?

I started getting into soccer when I first saw Arsenal playing on TV. This was shortly after their Invincibles run and I just loved the way they played and wanted learn more and start playing. That was 16 years ago and the passion for the sport is still going.

What do you like about the Wolves?

I really enjoy how tight knit the staff is and how dedicated they are to helping the kids grow. I am really honored to be a part of that.

Who is your favorite soccer player of all-time?

Thierry Henry. He was just so good with the ball

How many consecutive juggles can you do?


What is your favorite thing about soccer?

I love the team aspect. It doesn’t matter if you have one amazing person, if the team does not gel, you can be defeated

What is your favorite part of working with kids?

Their energy. It is very infectious. Also, they can say some of the funniest things