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Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club


Phoenix Futbol Club is now doing business as Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club.

This is only a name change to better represent how we serve the communities in and around Omaha, and to recognize our affiliation with the Wolverhampton Wanderers organization. We have not folded, merged, or been taken over, we have just registered our new trade name and are operating under that.

Similarly, the Phoenix SocctoberFest tournament will become the Wolves SocctoberFest tournament starting in 2016. Dates and locations will not change.

Please explore our new site, and contact us at if you have any questions.

The Metro Wolves Mission and Philosophy

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club, through our affiliation with the Wolverhampton North American Academy, is dedicated to using the training philosophy of the Wolverhampton Wanderers professional club in the U.K. All coaches have access to their Academy Technical Guide, ensuring a consistent approach to soccer training at all ages. Wolverhampton has been at this for over a century, and we are grateful to have them share their expertise in these matters and allow us the luxury of not reinventing the wheel. 

This does not mean coaches must rigidly adhere to a specific training regimen. All coaches will have access to a variety of training exercises from which they may choose what best fits their team, within the general framework of what is age appropriate. All Metro Wolves players will be exposed to the same training approaches no matter what team they are on, leading to consistent development, and easier movement between teams and age levels. All players and their families will know what their expectations are and how their current training applies in both the short and long term - getting you ready for Select level soccer, getting you ready for High School soccer, or getting you prepared for college level play.

Metro Wolves' philosophy also embraces the athletes with multiple activities in their lives. While we expect Select level players to take soccer seriously, we do not discourage multi-sport athletes or expect you to drop other activities (band, dance, DECA, etc.) just to play soccer with Wolves. We offer multiple open training sessions each week to accommodate players with scheduling conflicts. Use of the Wolverhampton Academy Technical Guide will ensure that players are receiving the same training in "makeup" or alternate training sessions if they have a conflict with their team's practices.

Our goal at Metro Wolves is to be the place to develop and play soccer if you are interested in playing in High School or at small colleges in the region. We have and continue to develop relationships with many small colleges in Nebraska and neighboring states, and will regularly host their coaches for visits and clinics. This is not to say you won't ever play at a big Division-I school on the east or west coast as a Wolves alumni. We will assist any player with that goal, but that is not our primary focus. We want our players to play soccer at the college of their academic choice, where they can contribute on the field and enjoy the experience. 


Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club is a registered Trade Name of Phoenix Futbol Club, inc. Phoenix / Metro Wolves have been serving the youth soccer community in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa since 2003.